The new ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II - The future of patient transport.

We recently launched our brand new ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II - a lightweight combi-stretcher that combines maximum patient protection with effortless handling.

The ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II is made of durable PEHD outer material with an internal carbon core. This innovative design combines the advantages of a scoop stretcher and a spineboard. With an impressive load capacity of up to 300 kg, it is particularly suitable for transporting obese patients.

The double-sided clip locks and the extremely flat scoop edge allow the two halves of the scoop to be opened and locked quickly and easily without additional corrections when repositioning the patient, even on uneven surfaces. The concave shape of the ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II ensures complete immobilisation and enables simple, safe and patient-friendly transport.

Outstanding properties at a glance:

  • Quick and easy locking: The practice-orientated design makes it much easier to use in the rescue service.

  • High level of patient protection: no catching or tilting when attaching the stirrup fasteners. The patient remains as stable as possible during the repositioning process.

  • Maximum load of 300 kg: Ideal for the rescue and transport of obese casualties.

  • X-ray and CT-compatible: Dhe ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II enables precise diagnostics without compromising patient safety.

  • Can be used as a scoop stretcher + spineboard: Combines the features and advantages of both rescue stretchers.

  • Includes 3 patient safety belts: For additional safety during transport.

  • Easy to disinfect: The surface of the ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II enables quick and efficient cleaning, which complies with hygiene standards.

The ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II defines a new standard for safe, uncomplicated and gentle patient transport - an innovative solution that meets the increasing demands of our time.

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