X-BOON TWO vacuum rails set

  • Ready to use immediately - no pre-modeling
  • Small pack size - roll up & stow away
  • Relocate belt in a few seconds
  • Very fast suction
  • Skin friendly and yet extremely robust
Product information "X-BOON TWO vacuum rails set"
All advantages of the proven X-BOON TWO vacuum mattress now also available as arm rail (SAN-0260-2-AS), optionally as leg rail (SAN-0260-2-BS) or both versions in a set (SAN-0260-2-SS).
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FAQs - Frequently asked questions about X-BOON TWO vacuum rails set

Why can the X-BOON TWO be rolled up and other models not?
The X-BOON TWO is designed as a point chamber system in which the optimal distribution of the granulate in asymmetrically arranged vacuum chambers ensures stability. This means that no additional stabilization elements are required in the mattress that prevent rolling it up.
What does TPU mean and what are the special properties of the material?
TPU means thermoplastic polyurethane. It is particularly abrasion-resistant, insensitive to the influence of UV and resistant to many solvents. As a result, it can be disinfected easily with a variety of different disinfectants and does not tend to become brittle even after prolonged use. Furthermore it is very skin-friendly.
After spreading out the mattress, why don't I have to distribute the granules before I lay the patient on it?
With more than 140 individual vacuum chambers, the granulate cannot shift or collect in one place, such as in a beanbag. The mattress is immediately ready for use after spreading out or rolling out, without shaking or modeling.
Which detergents and disinfectants can I use to clean the mattress?
It is best to use standard soap-based agents. Disinfection may only be carried out with the agents explicitly approved for this purpose in accordance with the information in the instructions for use.
Do I have to pay special attention to something when cleaning?
It is essential to clean before disinfecting, and any contamination should be removed as soon as possible.
Can I remove the straps to clean the mattress?
Yes, all straps and handles can be removed in seconds as they are fitted with a click system and not with a loop. These loops are very difficult to loosen after prolonged use.
How can I clean the belts?
Manual cleaning under running water or simply in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 ° is sufficient here.
Are individual handles and straps offered as replacements or as a complete set?
Yes, there are individual straps and handles available as spare parts as well as complete sets for replacing all parts or as a replacement during cleaning.
How are the handles and straps attached to the mattress?
Both are attached with a click system, with a number of plastic mushroom heads firmly attached to the mattress itself. The patient belts and handles are attached to this with a buckle that can be attached and detached without tools.
Can the handles tear off and damage the mattress if they are subjected to too much stress?
Yes and no. The handles hold a weight that is well above the weight required by the standard. If the load is significantly higher, the handles can slip out of the anchorage (approx. 100 - 120 kg). However, they are not damaged afterwards, and can be immediately attached again to the mushroom head with the buckle. This process was specially developed to avoid damaging the mattress in the event of excessive tensile stress on a handle.
Can I change the placement of the straps and handles spontaneously, depending on the application?
Yes, this is possible and may even make perfect sense. Depending on the injury pattern or the need for stabilization, it can help to secure the patient with an additional belt in the pelvic area, for example. Or you move a handle to change the center of gravity when carrying.
What does “point chamber system” mean and how does it differ from other systems?
The point chamber system is a further development of the multi-chamber system, in which the granulate is distributed more evenly through a large number of vacuum chambers. The special feature of the point chamber system is a slightly offset, asymmetrical arrangement of the chambers as well as the targeted placement of more or less granules on different parts of the body, e.g. more granules on the pelvis and spine and less on the legs. At no point, however, is it that shifting the granulate does not guarantee support.
Does a higher number of chambers have an advantage in handling or for the patient?
Yes, because the stabilization can be optimally adapted to the body regions for optimal support at every point.
How is sufficient rigidity achieved in the critical area of the pelvis or spine?
In these areas in particular, more granulate is introduced into the individual chambers in order to achieve sufficient rigidity.
Why does the top of the mattress have such an (apparently) asymmetrical structure?
The chambers are constructed in two layers. The area of the mattress on which the spine rests is particularly stiffened, or here the chambers form an elongated chamber - for more stability.
How is the mattress transported?
The mattress can be folded or rolled up and then transported in a suitable bag or pack sack.
Is the mattress suitable for X-rays and MRIs?
Yes, it is suitable for both X-rays and MRIs.
What is the weight of the mattress compared to standard models?
The X-BOON TWO weighs 6.3 kg and is therefore 2-3 kg lighter than comparable conventional ones.

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- 6.3 kg light thanks to innovative construction - More than 140 vacuum chambers in a so-salled point chamber system - Asymmetrical pattern guarantees sufficent support material at every point - Reinforcement at critical point, e.g. pelvis or spine - No "shaking" or modelling required prior to use - Can be rolled up and stowed away to sace space - Click system for attaching the patient safety belts and handles - Moving or changing the straps and handles in seconds, depending on the situation - Easy cleaning and desinfection of the mattress is made even easier by quickly removing all straps and handles - Abrasion-proof, skin-friendly and UV-resistant TPU material - 7 year guarantee on all welds