Together through the fire.

Your partner for fire fighting supplies.

Together through the fire - your partner for firefighting supplies!

Offer your comrades and especially yourself the best possible equipment in rescue operations with ultraMEDIC firefighting supplies. With products from our range, you not only rely on professional, high-quality and durable rescue equipment, but also on a strong partner at your side. Maximum safety - no compromises: Rescue equipment from ultraMEDIC In rescue operations, your deployed equipment must work, there is no compromise.

This is exactly why our international customers have been relying on rescue equipment from ultraMEDIC for almost 20 years now - with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality.

 With us as your partner and direct contact for firefighting products, we not only want to meet your requirements, but exceed your expectations. In addition to supporting fire brigade articles, you can also rely on our proven backpacks, such as the ultraRESCUE I rescue backpack as a universal backpack for first responders or door opening. You can also obtain the ultraFIRE RACK hose package basket, designed for hectic and particularly time-critical situations, as well as the ultraBASKET STRETCHER basket stretcher, developed for overcoming greater differences in height, in our ultraMEDIC online shop or from one of our trade partners near you.