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Replacement Filling ultraAQUA SAFE Eye Wash Set
Product Number SAN-0245

Ersatzfüllung für den ultraAQUA-SAFE Stahlschrank SAN-0240

Training electrodes for
Product Number SAN-8552
CR trainer. Set of 5 pairs
Item No. 11250-000015

Additional pocket for ECG cable
Product Number SAN-8516
for LIFEPAK 1000
Item No. 11425-000001
Additional pocket for the ECG-cable (LIFEPAK 1000)

ARMAC storage cabinet
Product Number ACS-0002
for PPE, with hanging device.
1 rod, light gray (RAL 9002)

Product Number SAN-0637-TÜR
Yellow; with hook and loop fastener
For rescue backpack

Back label yellow
Product Number SAN-0637
individual lettering
individually printable spine label for attachment to ultraMEDIC Backpacks

Product Number SAN-0506.1
Incl. set consisting of inner
division + quiver; Red
Colour: Red
RESCUE I backpack with tool holders

Backpack FIRE & RESCUE
Product Number SAN-0500.1
With filling DIN 14142
ultraPLAN material; Red
Colour: Red
RESCUE I backpack ulraPLAN with contents according to DIN 14142. Includes 5 assorted colors ultraMODUL pockets, 1 x ultraOXYTAINER, 1 x ultraHOLDER O2. Color: red

Product Number SAN-0502
With filling DIN 13155
ultraPLAN material; Red
ultraBACKPACK FIRST RESPONDER made of ultraPLAN-material with contents according to DIN 13155. Space for one oxygen bottle provided colour: red

RESCUE I empty
Product Number SAN-500-R-L
Rescue backpack red, without modular bags
ultraPLAN tissue
Colour: Red
Rettungsrucksack RESCUE I ohne Inhalt

Product Number SAN-501-SBE
Including module bags and sports filling
ultraPLAN material; Red
Extremely stable and robust RESCUE BACKPACK made of PVC tarpaulin. 5 color-coded modular pockets can be positioned variably inside and always stay in the desired place thanks to Velcor fastening on the bottom or on the lid compartment. A large front pocket, expandable with a zipper, can hold additional equipment and even has space for an AED. Wide reflective strips make the RESCUE I clearly cisible when in use and a fleece strip on the front offers the option of labeling it using a corresponding back label (accessory). The filled backpack comes with SAN-6022 ultraFILLING SPORT RESCUE.

Backpack RESCUE II
Product Number SAN-504-R
Including module bags
complan material; Red
Colour: Red
Rescue backpack, equipped with 5 x ultraMODUL, assorted colours, 1 x ultraOXYTAINER, 1 x ultraHOLDER O2. - very robust backpack - versatile in use for example, fire service, sanitary and emergency services, first responder - front pocket can be zipped - size of the front pocket ideal for accommodating all common AEDs or ultraAMPU II - waist belt - easy storage of ready-belts - all main zippers from YKK, with Zipper - lightweight, strong high-tech material - material washed down and disinfected - color: red

Backpack ultra COMPACT BAG
Product Number SAN-3106-T
For 3 x foldable patient stretcher

Bag for surgical cutlery
Product Number SAN-1115

Padded bag for carrying surgical instruments Colour: green

Bag ultraSTAND BAG
Product Number SAN-0400-T
Storage and transport of
Stretcher Storage Rack
Storage-/carrying bag Chemical Fibre fabric, for stretcher storage rack

bandage cotton
Product Number SAN-7021
50 g
Verbandwatte, 50 g

Bandage scissors large
Product Number SAN-7024
190 gallons
Erste-Hilfe-Schere, groß

Bandage scissors small
Product Number SAN-7025
145 gallons
Erste-Hilfe-Schere, klein

Battery charger for LIFEPAK 1000
Product Number SAN-8513

Item No. 11140-000086
Battery charger for LIFEPAK 1000

Battery for LIFEPAK 1000
Product Number SAN-8511
Item No. 11141-000100
Battery for LIFEPAK 1000 not rechargeable

Belt for grinding baskets
Product Number BAUG-143

Belt set for basket stretcher
Product Number SAN-0084-GR
Contains 3 belts with push button lock
Belt Set with 3 belts (3x SAN-0084-S)

Block of notes for injured people
Product Number SAN-7027
with UM logo, 40 sheets
Zettelblock für Verletzte, 25 Blatt

Buckle, plastic
Product Number MAT-0185-40
black for FW-010/-011