X-BOON TWO Vakuummatratze

- 6.3 kg light thanks to innovative construction
- More than 140 vacuum chambers in a so-salled point chamber system
- Asymmetrical pattern guarantees sufficent support material at every point
- Reinforcement at critical point, e.g. pelvis or spine
- No "shaking" or modelling required prior to use
- Can be rolled up and stowed away to sace space
- Click system for attaching the patient safety belts and handles
- Moving or changing the straps and handles in seconds, depending on the situation
- Easy cleaning and desinfection of the mattress is made even easier by quickly removing all straps and handles
- Abrasion-proof, skin-friendly and UV-resistant TPU material
- 7 year guarantee on all welds
Incl. Tax: €831.81 (€699.00 Excl. Tax:)

Additional Information

Weight 6.0 kg
W / L 920 mm / 2000 mm
SAN-0260-2 Item Number

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