ultraMEDIC - ultraMEDIC - Our name stands for innovative, high-quality and attractive products for the fields of first aid, emergency and rescue operations.

ultraMEDIC is a specialist manufacturer of stretchers with specifically "Made in Germany” characteristics. ultraMEDIC originated from Eduard Kaufmann GmbH. As your specialist for rescue operations and emergency situations, the former Eduard Kaufmann GmbH, now SKYLOTEC GmbH, has built a reputation over more than 50 years - not only in Germany. Together with SKYLOTEC GmbH, ultraMEDIC now operates under the umbrella of the SKYLOTEC Group of Companies.

ultraMEDIC GmbH, founded in 2003, location: Neuwied am Rhein. Now we could talk about our origins and our past history, but it is much more interesting to look at what the future holds for us and what we will achieve together with our customers. You benefit from a young company - with a solid background - from a breath of fresh air and new ideas in young minds, highly motivated and committed. In a self-critical manner, we continually examine all our activities in order to develop further innovations and improvements. Through the quality of our work and your satisfaction as a customer, we will be able to further expand our market position.

Our word is our bond. Be there with us.