The ultraFIRE-RACK is a hose package basket for holding several C-hoses. The dimensions correspond to those oft he DIN-standardized hose carrier basket.
In contrast to the hose carrier basket, the ultraFIRE-RACK does not open on the top, but on the bottom. As a result, the contents are not „on the lid“ after opening, but on the floor in front of you, ready for use. By the way, opening is particularly quick, as only 1 easily accesible Velcro strip hast to be pulled - even with gloves! When packing the ultrFIRE-RACK, the construction proves to be an additional advantage: You have the basket open in front of you and do not have to pack „upside down“.
An enlarged cutout enables material tob e removed even when the basket is closed.
The ultra FIRE-RACK is perfect fort he 7-2-Go method and the simple packing of hose packages.
The „red“ variant of the ultraFIRE-RACK can be used for internal attacks as opposed to the „blue“ variant for pure hose management.
Incl. Tax: €236.81 (€199.00 Excl. Tax:)

Additional Information

Weight 3.0 kg
FW-055-C-R Item Number

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