Light and compact rescue backpack made of robust Cordura metrial.
With its size of 45 x 27 x 21 (H/W/D), the ultraRESCUE LITE fits in almost every cupboard, trunk or storage compartment of an emergency vehicle. Thanks to four outer pockets and a zipper extension of 5 cm, it can still hold extensive first aid equipment and remains flexible in the area of use.
Inside, four color-coded modular pockets ensure order and clarity. The system, which has long been established in the rescue service, consists of fastening the module bags in the bottom compartment oft he backpack by means of a Velcro system, enabling „working like the professionals“. The transparent lid pockets show the respective contents at a glance.
Price From: Incl. Tax: €65.33 (€54.90 Excl. Tax:)

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Weight 1.5 kg
W / H / L 27 cm / 18 cm / 45 cm

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Price From: Incl. Tax: €65.33 (€54.90 Excl. Tax:)
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