Fast and easy head fixation: The new ultraHEAD-LOCK III is here!

Innovative head fixation for maximum safety during casualty transport.

The safety and stability of patients with head and spinal injuries are at the centre of every medical intervention. We present the ultraHEAD-LOCK III, a pioneering medical device specifically designed to optimise head fixation during patient immobilisation. In combination with the ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II (art. no. SAN-0298), the ultraHEAD-LOCK III sets new standards in terms of simplicity, speed and safety.

Quick and easy head fixation thanks to pre-assembled base plate

The ultraHEAD-LOCK III offers uncomplicated and quick head fixation thanks to its pre-assembled base plate. The easy handling and immediate readiness for use of the ultraHEAD-LOCK III enables efficient and patient-friendly use in various medical scenarios, whether during transport or medical interventions.

Outstanding properties that impress:

  • Quick and easy installation: Easy to attach and remove base plate for cleaning, which can remain on the rescue stretcher due to its separation. The scooping properties of the stretcher remain unaffected. 

  • X-ray compatible: The ultraHEAD-LOCK III enables precise imaging without compromising the fixation of the head. This ensures optimal diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Easy to disinfect: The smooth plastic surface of the ultraHEAD-LOCK III is easy to clean and disinfect, even on the forehead and chin strap, which ensures compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

Head fixation is a sensitive area in patient care. The ultraHEAD-LOCK III has been developed to fulfil the highest safety and quality standards. Our commitment to advanced medical devices is evident in every facet of the ultraHEAD-LOCK III, making it an indispensable complement to our newly developed ultraCOMBI-STRETCHER II (art. no. SAN-0298).