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About our company

Welcome to ultraMEDIC - your reliable partner when it comes to helping people in emergency and borderline situations. Our name stands for highly specialized quality products in the field of first aid, emergency and rescue.

With passion and many years of know-how, we develop and produce innovative solutions at our site in Neuwied am Rhein for all those who help, rescue and recover - be it fire departments, rescue services, medical practices or company occupational safety. With our rescue products, we support those who are immediately on the scene in accidents or crisis situations. Rescue services and fire departments rely on our expertise every day and can rely on us just as much as we rely on them. As one of the leading suppliers in the field of first aid, emergency and rescue, we offer a wide range of innovative rescue and first aid products with an outstanding price-performance ratio and high quality.

Our company is a well-coordinated team with a clear mission: to help helpers. We are convinced that the knowledge and experience of each individual - from the managing director to the trainee - as well as the close contact with our customers constantly contribute to the further development of our products and services. With us, there is no shying away from questions. We encourage you to inform yourself, ask questions and challenge us. Because we are happy to take the time to provide you with comprehensive and individual advice.

Your ultraMEDIC team


"Made in Germany": guarantee for better performance.

ultraMEDIC is proud to be the only stretcher manufacturer in Germany to carry the "Made in Germany" label. With us, technical development, production and support are united under one roof. The intensive exchange with users and the fast, flexible implementation of individual requirements and wishes in innovative samples and prototypes are a matter of course for us. Because we are always aware: Your mission is our responsibility and your demand is our challenge!

Our products from ultraMEDIC are always characterized by the highest functionality and practicality - because "good" is never good enough for us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and to convince you with quality and commitment. You can rely on ultraMEDIC solutions in every situation and concentrate on the essentials: Reduce distress, alleviate pain, save people!

ultraMEDIC successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 13485, based on the structure of ISO 9001, includes specific requirements for the field of "medical devices". This pioneering standard in healthcare specifies the requirements that manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices must meet in order to develop, implement and maintain a quality management system. It takes into account the high standards for products, devices and systems used in patient care. The current "Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745" (MDR) harmonizes with the ISO 13485:2016 standard.

In recent months, we have successfully adapted ultraMEDIC's quality management system to the requirements of ISO 13485. After a positive audit by TÜV HESSEN we have now received the certification according to DIN ISO EN 13485:2016.

This award is both a recognition and a motivation for us to continue to meet the highest requirements for quality and patient safety.

Lutz Schardey - Managing Director

A key element in the rapid and professional rescue of injured persons is high-quality and innovative rescue equipment. Every minute that rescue workers save with the help of our products can save lives in border situations.

Lutz Schardey, Managing Director

Our history

Today's SKYLOTEC GmbH and ultraMEDIC GmbH have their origins in the renowned Eduard Kaufmann GmbH, a well-known expert in rescue and emergency in Germany with over 50 years of experience.

Eduard Kaufmann GmbH was a pioneer in the development and manufacture of grinding baskets for mine rescue, first aid equipment and safety harnesses for mining.

The advancing technology, various testing requirements as well as the entry into the wind energy sector led to first structural measures within Eduard Kaufmann GmbH in 2003, where the "First Aid and Ambulance" division was continued as an independent company. Today's ultraMEDIC GmbH was created with own CI. In the following years, ultraMEDIC was able to position itself consistently as a leading manufacturer of high-quality stretchers with the coveted "Made in Germany" seal of quality.

As times have changed, we have expanded our expertise and commitment to the field of rescue stretchers and rescue equipment. In doing so, we have maintained our in-depth knowledge of safety and quality and applied it to the development of innovative solutions for rescue services and other sectors. Today, we are proud to be a modern and forward-thinking company dedicated to the safety and rescue of people. Our focus is on developing world-class products that meet the highest standards and can save lives. The experience and heritage of Eduard Kaufmann GmbH continues to be the foundation for our success and our vision to make emergency situations a safer place.